Disposing of tires is not something you are going to encounter on a daily basis, which is why you might not really know what to do when you have a few used tires you need to get rid of. What would you have to do? Do you just throw these tires in the trash? Sure, that’s an option, but it can also be a bit of a hassle. Are you going to carry four tires all the way to the trash? Will your bin even be big enough for the tires?

Some people just opt for stashing the tires away in a garage or deposit. Why? They do this partly because of convenience and partly acting out on that hoarding whim that tells us we will eventually need this in the future. And while yes, there could be a use for those old used tires someday, you never really know when that is going to happen or whether it actually will. Not to mention, what will that use even be? Swings? What else is there?

This is why the best way to dispose of your used tires is through a specialized junk removal service, particularly one that engages in sustainable tire recycling. Due to their large size, tires are not usually wanted at landfills. Tires are much more useful as recyclable materials, extending their lifespans beyond their initial use as tires.

When recycled, tires (and rubber in general) can be used to produce cement, construction materials, shoes and sandals, carbon sources, and even basketball courts. A service that specializes in tire and rubber recycling is your best option when it comes to easily and responsibly dispose of your tires. The Best Valley Junk Services can help you get rid of those annoying tires you have no use for anymore in a way that is both convenient to you and is environmentally conscious.

How does the process work?

  • Call (800) XXX-XXXX to schedule your free onsite estimate. You can also do it here
  • You will receive a phone call from our team members 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Best Valley Junk Removal experts will arrive in uniforms, ready to work! Just let them know which tires you want to dispose of. You will receive an up-front, all-inclusive price on the spot.
  • Our experts will pack the tires waste no matter where it is located. They’ll leave the area clean and tidy. They will determine what can be recycled and what can be donated.