Glass disposal is an important part of trash removal, particularly because glass is a big component of the recycling process. However, glass is also a fragile and even hazardous material if handled incorrectly. In order to ensure its proper disposal, glass objects should ideally be handled by qualified professionals who will know how to take care of it. This way, the material’s lifespan will exceed that of the current object. Isn’t that why we recycle in the first place?

When properly recycled, glass can go on to be used to fabricate ceramic sanitary ware products, to produce fiberglass insulation, as a flux in brick manufacturing, as water filtration media, and as a component of agriculture and landscaping practices. Not to mention, of course, that glass containers in and of themselves can be infinitely recyclable. The reuse of glass products helps conserve raw materials and reduce energy consumption, therefore having a tangible environmental impact.

If you are disposing of a large number of glass elements and you want to avoid any damages or hazards involved in the removal process, don’t hesitate to contact Best Valley Junk Services, for you can count on our team to be able to carry out the task in a safe and effective way.

How does the process work?

  • Call or text (805) 420-8616 or (747) 216-9737 to schedule your free onsite estimate. You can also do it here
  • You will receive a phone call from our team members 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Best Valley Junk Removal experts will arrive in uniforms, ready to work! Just let them know what glass elements you want to dispose of. You will receive an up-front, all-inclusive price on the spot.
  • Our experts will pack the glass no matter where it is located. They’ll leave the area clean and tidy and determine how to properly take care of it.